Ludwika, based in Switzerland, was born in Poland where she graduated from Architecture. This influenced the composition and use of colour in her works. After being committed to technical drawings and developing concept sketches, Ludwika felt that she needed to bring more feelings in her art. She began experimenting with abstract acrylic painting, often including collage elements. The process to understand that art doesn't have to be accurate and perfect has now developed into a distinct aesthetic. Her work is influenced by nature, science and the people she meets. Her works have been exhibited in Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, UK, China and Switzerland.


I was always good at following reason while confusing what I want with what I think I should want and I needed a way to better show my emotions in art. I've learnt to listen to myself and slowly unlock that heavy duty container where my feelings were kept. I'm not striving for perfection anymore. I want to provoke thoughts and questions and express something more with textures, colours and ambiguous words.